Sprucefield on the M1 through the A12 “Westlink” to the M3, M5, A8(M), M2 and M22 motorways

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Project Description  

Client:             Highway Management (City) Limited

Ultimate client: The Department for Infrastructure, Northern Ireland

Start:               1st April 2016

Duration:         20 years

Scope of O&M Services:

  • Winter Maintenance;
  • Horticultural maintenance;
  • Drainage cleaning and maintenance
  • Sweeping, cleaning and litter collection
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Pumping station maintenance
  • Specialist and Non-Specialist highway inspections
  • Structural inspections
  • Safety Patrols and Emergency Response, including emergency defect repairs
  • Defect repairs to Pavement and Ancillary assets
  • Management and supervision of Major Maintenance on behalf of Client
  • Traffic Management (12A/B/C/D)