Poland, A2 Toll Operations

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Client: Kapsch TrafficCom AG, Kapsch Telematic Services sp. z o.o and Texel sp. z o.o
(the “Consortium“)
(Ultimate client: State Treasury of Poland represented by GDDKiA)
Start: 01 July 2011
Duration: 5 years
Status: closed

Toll Operations:

  • First level maintenance of the manual toll collection equipment;
  • Manual collection and transfer of tolls to GDDKiA;
  • Control activities in respect of violations, errors and defects;
  • Defect records;
  • Implementation of procedures for enforcement of unpaid tolls and collection of fines;
  • Maintenance and management of user information.

The A2 Motorway in Poland runs from west to east through central Poland, from the Polish-German border in Świecko/Frankfurt (Oder) (connecting to the German A12 autobahn), through Poznań, Łódź and Warsaw to the Polish-Belarusian border in Terespol/Brest (connecting to M1 highway). The motorway is a part of the European route E30.

Project consists of 102.7 km of tolled A2 Motorway between Konin (Modla) and Strykow.

The project consists of 2 mainline toll plazas and 6 ramp toll plazas. Total number of toll lanes is 85 lanes:

  • 35 entry lanes: 21 manual + 14 ETC lanes
  • 50 exit lanes: 36 manual + 14 ETC lanes

Intertoll Infrastructure and Services Poland Sp. z o.o. (100% Intertoll Europe ZRt. affiliate), as a subcontractor of the Consortium, was in charge of the manual toll collection (closed system) and the maintenance of toll collection equipment.

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