M6 Phase 1, Motorway Operations & Maintenance

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Discipline: DBFOM
Sector: Infrastructure (Motorways)
ClientMinister of economy and transport
M6 Duna Autopalya Concession Company
Duration20 years

Routine O&M activities:

  • Route patrolling, dispatcher services
  • Cleaning, repair, replacement of road accessories
  • Daily cleaning of rest areas
  • Horticultural maintenance
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Winter maintenance
  • Motorway Management Equipment maintenance
  • Traffic management

M6 motorway forms part of the European road network and runs south from Budapest, the capital of Hungary, to the southern region of the country and the Croatian border. Overall length of the M6 is 190km.

58.6km Motorway south west of Budapest which includes 10 interchanges, 51 over/underpasses, 1 Operation and Maintenance Centre, 4 rest areas. Profile: 2×2 lanes with emergency lane.

Duna Intertoll Zrt. (100% Intertoll Europe ZRt. affiliate) is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the motorway.

Intertoll Infrastructure Developments B.V. (100% Intertoll affiliate) has a 12,69% stake in the Concession Company (M6 Duna Autópálya Koncessziós Zrt).