M6 Phase 3, Investment in concession

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Discipline: DBFOM
Sector: Infrastructure (Motorways)
Client: Ministry of Economy and Transport
Value: EUR 1.109 million
Financial close: November 2007
Duration: 30 years
Description: Investment
Debt:Equity: 91,5:8,5

CIB BANK Zrt, KFW, Bank of Scotland PLC, Fortisbank SA/NV, HSBC Bank PLC
Amount of Credit Facility: EUR 1.014.846.996

The project consists of 80 km of the M6/M60 Motorway in south west Hungary near the provincial capital of Pécs.

The project includes 10 interchanges, 3 rest areas, 2 Operation and Maintenance Centres, 4 tunnels in a tunnel chain of 5351 m length (A: 1331 m, B: 399 m, C: 865 m, D: 418 m), 8 viaducts and a bridge (240m) with a total length of 3575 m (longest viaduct is 866 m per carriageway).

Intertoll Capital Partners (ICP an Aberdeen – Intertoll JV) has a 20% stake in the Concession Company (Mecsek Autópálya Koncessziós Zrt).

Other role of Intertoll in this project: 

  • MAU Zrt (50% Intertoll-Europe ZRt. affiliate) is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the motorway;
  • MAU Zrt (50% Intertoll-Europe ZRt. affiliate) as a nominated subcontractor to the construction joint venture installed and commissioned the tunnel and motorway management equipment.