A1 Phase1, Vistula Bridges

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Discipline: DBFOM
Sector: Infrastructure (Motorways)
Client: Gdansk Transport Company S.A. (GTC)
Start: 11 October 2011
Duration: 27 years
Status: ongoing

Scope of works:

  • Road Patrol Services,
  • Routine Road Maintenance,
  • Winter Maintenance,
  • Technical inspections,
  • Emergency Call Centre Operations,
  • Toll collection,
  • Mechanical and Electrical maintenance of Motorway Facilities
  • Toll Facility and Equipment Maintenance

Continuation of the A1 Phase 1 (90 km) project to Torun and it is part of European Road E75 which provides access to Southern Europe. The A1 motorway will cross the A2 and A4 motorways in Poland. It is therefore part of Poland’s international route connection.

The total length of A1 phase 1 and phase 2 Project operated by Intertoll Polska Sp. z o.o. (100% Intertoll Europe ZRt. affiliate) is 150 km and consists of the operation and maintenance of 2 bridges over the Vistula:

  • Vistula Bridge I: 1,953.6 m
  • Vistula Bridge II: 957.4 m.

Other roles of Intertoll in this project:
Intertoll Capital Partners (ICP an Aberdeen – Intertoll JV) has a 15% stake in the Concession Company (GTC-Gdansk Transport Company).