Intertoll work on behalf of various parties including the Department for Infrastructure (DfI Northern Ireland)

Intertoll Limited has an extensive stock of equipment available for this service which includes Impact Protection Vehicles, Low Body Traffic Management Works Vehicle, crew/single cab vehicles, Road Sweeper, Gully Tanker, Inspection Vehicles and 4x4.

Intertoll Ltd is capable of providing services across all sectors of Sector Scheme 12 this includes the following

12A and 12B High-Speed Dual Carriageways and Motorways

With this service, Intertoll can offer a complete one-stop-shop which we find our clients prefer this option as it allows projects to be cost-effective.  We are able to accommodate the needs of the client we can take the scheme from design to delivery of the service

12C Mobile Lane Closures

Intertoll Limited has fully trained personnel to deal with both Motorway and A-class roads for 12C Mobile works activities. We also have all our own equipment ready to take to the road as required.

12D Rural & Urban Roads